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    Kalahari Medium-Small


    Water-based decorative paint can recreate the nuances of sand created by the wind in the fascinating Kalahari Desert. The selected grains of very fine sand, surrounded by mixtures of colours on metal bases, create an unparalleled metallic sand effect on the wall. Suitable for all environments, this is a washable paint that can be painted over with water-based paints at any time.
    KALAHARI MEDIUM/SMALL is available in metallic bases ARGENTO 01 – ORO 02 – ALLUMINIO 03 – BRONZO 04 – RAME 05 – IRIDE ORO 428. The available colours are obtained by mixing one of the KALAHARI MEDIUM/SMALL metallic base with the indicated dose of dye paste called COLOR KIT or alternatively with the RIVES Tinting System. Preparation of the medium: mediums must be thoroughly dry. Clean the surfaces to be treated by removing any loose or flaking material. Apply, at a time interval of 5-6 hours from one another, two uniformising coats of PRELUDIO diluted to 25-30% volume with pure water. In the presence of old and crumbling mediums, we recommend that before applying PRELUDIO, you apply a coat of FISSATIVO R2000 diluted to 500% volume with pure water.

    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial
    Choose the color of your dreams
    Color chart

    Iridescent shades
    of sand grains

    Follow the steps
    using the necessary products
    • Preludio

    • Color Kit

    • Kalahari medium/small

    Packagin design
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    content and technical information

    Data Sheet

    Color chart

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