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    Nubilia M Dual Color

    decorative flakes

    Nubilia M Dual Color

    Decorative water-based paint for interiors that can be used to produce a range of chromatic effects. Easy to apply, giving the supporting medium a harmonious natural display of colours, gold or silver, depending on the desired effect.
    The colour shades on the card are obtained by mixing the product with the indicated quantity of dye, using what is referred to as a COLOUR KIT, or alternatively, by using the SISTEMA TINTOMETRICO RIVES (RIVES COLOUR SYSTEM).
    The special pearlescent Silver and Gold colours are obtained by mixing NUBILIA DUAL COLOUR M with the indicated quantity of AS100 or AG200 additive.
    NUBILIA DUAL COLOUR M is available as one base.

    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial
    Choose the color of your dreams
    Color chart
    Also available in
    silver & gold

    Cod. 7 SILVER

    Nubilia M Dual Color L1 + AS100 (2 x ml 100)
    Nubilia M Dual Color L2,5 + AS100 (2 x ml 250)

    Cod. 4 GOLD

    Nubilia M Dual Color L1 + AG200 (2 x ml 100)
    Nubilia M Dual Color L2,5 + AG200 (2 x ml 250)

    Nubilia M Dual Color silver & gold
    Video Tutorial

    Thanks to the use of the AS100 and AG200 additives,
    Nubilia M Dual Color offers a special silver-gold velor with iridescent reflections.

    Colored flakes
    for multiple combinations

    Follow the steps
    using the necessary products
    • Preludio

    • Color Kit

    • Nubilia M Dual Color

    • AS100 - AG200

    Packagin design
    Available in
    content and technical information

    Data Sheet

    Color chart

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