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    FilmPro 1C

    The ultimate solution for waterproofing shower box
    and kitchen tops made with decorative paints

    Transparent acrylic-polyurethane protective coating based on aqueous resin emulsions. FilmPro 1C is suitable for a vitrified, glossy or opaque effect on surfaces that have already been decorated. Its special formulation allows you to obtain a film that is adherent, elastic and resistant to rubbing. The product has been tested to protect the vertical walls of a shower box and kitchen shelves from water.

    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial

    Your shower box
    decorated and waterproof

    FilmPro 1C totally protects vertical surfaces from water action.
    Your shower box will be unique and waterproof!

    The top of your kitchen will never be the same!
    Materix Roccia Metamorfica Interior
    Choose the decorative finish you want and make it waterproof, stain-resistant and resistant.
    With FilmPro 1C protect the top of your kitchen.

    Two finishes available

    FilmPro 1C is suitable for a glazing effect,
    glossy or opaque, on already decorated surfaces.




    All the information you need
    Color chart

    Make your kitchen

    Water resistant and more…

    We have tested it.
    We have simulated some typical conditions
    which FilmPro 1C could go through in everyday use,
    to demonstrate its resistance and its practicality:
    wine, coffee, cola and olive oil.
    How to apply
    Easy to apply!
    • Brush

    • Roller

    • Airless

    Packagin design
    Available in 2.5 and 0.750 L
    content and technical information

    Data Sheet

    Color chart

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