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    Roccia Metamorfica


    MATERIX 7.0 – Metamorphic Rock Effect

    A special natural decorative stucco for interiors, ready for use, based on selected aggregates and high quality lime putty obtained through a long natural ageing process in special storage tanks. The product is homogeneous, pasty and easy to apply and, with the appropriate technology, it reproduces the effect of Metamorphic Rock, highlighting its veins.

    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial
    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial
    Choose the color of your dreams

    Following the veins
    of the stone

    Follow the steps
    using the necessary products
    • Preludio

    • Color Kit

    • Materix 7.0

    • Kalahari Micron

    • Shine

    Packagin design
    Available in
    content and technical information

    Data Sheet

    Color chart

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