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    Nubilia M Lux Color

    decorative flakes

    Nubilia M Lux Color

    NUBILIA M LUX COLOR is a water-based paint for interiors, with a base of decorative flakes able to reproduce several different chromatic effects. Easy to apply, it confers to the surfaces a harmonious natural and iridescent play of colours.

    To obtain all the colours on this chart, it is necessary to utilise, in combination with each other, the following products: coloured PRELUDIO with the COLOR KIT (or alternatively, the SISTEMA TINTOMETRICO RIVES); NUBILIA M LUX COLOR additive with METAL KIT available in the shades of IRIDE BLU 426, IRIDE VERDE 427, IRIDE ORO 428, IRIDE ROSSO 429, IRIDE VIOLA 434 and IRIDE ARANCIO 438.

    NUBILIA M LUX COLOR is available in 6 different flake shades: brown P10, grey R20, yellow A30, blue L40, green M50 and orange E60.

    Easy to apply
    Video Tutorial
    Available in various colored flakes
    Colored flakes

    Nubilia M Lux Color Marrone P10


    Nubilia M Lux Color Grigio R20


    Nubilia M Lux Color Giallo A30


    Nubilia M Lux Color Blu L40


    Nubilia M Lux Color Verde M50


    Nubilia M Lux Color Arancio E60

    Choose the color of your dreams

    chromatic effects

    Follow the steps
    using the necessary products
    • Preludio

    • Color Kit

    • Nubilia M Lux Color

    • Metal Kit

    Packagin design
    Available in
    content and technical information

    Data Sheet

    Color chart

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